Be Consistent

Consistency is key. Whether you decide to mail to a client base or target a particular area or neighborhood, stick with it.
You will gain more recognition this way than if you mail
to a different audience each month.
Look at it this way. Are you likely to catch more fish with 10 rods in one lake or one rod in 10 different lakes? 

                                   Recipe Cards


Recipe cards are
a great monthly mailer choice, and have a high retention rate.

What are the main ingredients for a great recipe card? (pun totally intended!)

Does the photograph
look appetizing?
By the way, our recipe
cards look marvelous!

Is it a recipe that people will want to make? It's best to steer clear of exotic and unusual ingredients.

Ease of Preparation
If there are too many ingredients and complicated cooking directions, the postcard is likely to be tossed!